Minjimendan - In a State of Remembering

Minjimendan was built with the support of hundreds of community volunteers.

Thank you to all those who have shared in building, in ceremony, and in visioning the space alive.

Thank you to our 2019 season grant funder the Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation. This is a partnership between The Cambridge Self Help Food Bank, rare Charitable Research Reserve, and Healing of the Seven Generations. Through this grant we have the opportunity to host five major events throughout the spring - summer -fall 2019 seasons.

For information on Workshops and Courses, please click [HERE].

At minjimendan we are:

Minjimendan Complete

Revitalizing Indigenous cultural knowledge relating to land and water. We have created space for Elders and community leaders to teach the importance of Indigenous land-based sustainability. Which can benefit all future generations.


Offering opportunities for community members to learn ways to improve their personal and communal well-being by connecting to land and water. This work is partially a response to climate change, a response to the  Truth & Reconciliation Commission report, and a means to restore habitat in the local region.


Our vision simply is to restore land. We are restoring land in the likeness of the original peoples who designed the rich habitat that was once SW Ontario.

We are also creating opportunities for community members to engage and learn Indigenous land-based sustainability practices.

Based on the research of Dr. Andrew Judge these practices include seven critical steps:

Step 1: Observations, planning, and community engagement

Step 2: Clearing the land, seed saving and initiating a design

Step 3: Planting, irrigating and fertilizing

Step 4: Maintenance

Step 5: Harvesting

Step 6: Preparing, preserving, and storing harvest and seed

Step 7: Sharing and trading

Minjimendan offers space for community members to learn about the food sovereignty enjoyed by the ancestors of this place.


Co-creating Indigenous land-based educational programming with the support of several local organizations, Elders, subject matter experts, students, individuals, and the community.

Transforming the minjimendan site into a thriving community learning space. Please see Figure 1. image below for a more complete listing of activities.

Over time we will grow the site to include a passive-solar greenhouse, an industrial kitchen, and seed vault, which will  empower the community to nurture, preserve, and enjoy sustainable nutrient-dense foods for years to come.

We host seasonal celebrations and ceremonies which create space for Indigenous community members, organizations, and all to deepen their involvement with land and water.

Our Goals

  • Encourage vitality through sustainable Indigenous land-based practices
  • Co-create community focused  initiatives to serve those in need
  • Create space for community members to learn about organic food production, seed saving, sustainable landscape design, traditional preservation and food preparation methods, nutrition, traditional healing, ceremony, and Indigenous knowledge
  • Build strong collaborations with Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations
  • Encourage volunteer participation and participatory programming
  • Empower a network of community activators to engage in practical and sustainable land-based activities
  • Seek innovative approaches to healing, health, social inclusion, and wellbeing that focuses on holistic, land-based, and community-based activities grounded in Indigenous knowledge
  • Build the capacity for eco-social transformation and holistic Indigenous knowledge-based research in Canada

Watch the video below of Dr. Andrew Judge explaining the beginning of his work with Minjimendan as well as the other Indigenous Land-Based work being done at Conestoga. Miigwech!

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