To donate to Minjimendan please give through the rare Charitable Research Reserve. To do this simply specify that your donation is for Minjimendan on the rare donation form under Description and/or Additional Information. If you have any questions regarding donations, please contactTamanna Kohi, Development & Communications Officer,
Telephone: 519-650-9336 ext. 122


To join us please connect with us by sending us an email through our contact page [here]. You are also find out about Minjimendan volunteer opportunities though rare or by clicking [here].

Attend a Workshop

During the growing Minjimendan offers workshops, courses and hands-on learning opportunities. For more information click [here].


It is through monetary donations, plant donations, seed donations and donations of time that community garden initiatives are able to grow. Your support is greatly appreciated! If you have donations of supplies or Indigenous seeds, please email us. Monetary donations can be made through the rare Charitable Research Reserve. Please see donation instructions above.