Minjimendan (In a state of remembering) is an Indigenous foods garden located at rare Charitable Research Reserve in Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Lead by Dr. Andrew Judge, minjimendan is restoring native plant habitat based on traditional Indigenous ecological knowledge.

Minjimendan offers community members opportunities to learn more about the Indigenous land-based sustainability practices that allowed the original peoples in this region to thrive.

It is a place where community members can reconnect to the land and water and respond to climate change.

Minjimendan is a place that can remind humans  that we have a responsibility to all the other parts of the earth that allow us to live.

Learn more about Indigenous Land-Based Sustainability Practices and the work of Dr. Andrew Judge, please click [HERE].

The community-centred Minjimendan Garden is a place that welcomes all.

Indigenous peoples, community members, local organizations, and students have all gathered here to support planting, design, maintaining, harvesting, and  preparations of regional native foods.


Land Acknowledgement

There is a long and complex history of Indigenous relationships, occupations, treaties, and land stewardship in South Western Ontario. We acknowledge the ancestors of this land, both past and present. Our goal is to peacefully restore the land and we thank all our relations in this process. Read our full land acknowledgement [here]